Dark Nova Update 1

Posted September 16, 2017 by Blake

Our first major update had a bunch of under the hood changes to help improve performance, and increase browser support. Additionally, we dropped some new content, and we're going to overview them here.

Two new ships: Callandor and Mjölnir

We've introduced a new firing mechanic, and both Callandor and Mjölnir take advantage of this system. Instead of firing from all barrels simultaneously, the shop rotates which barrel it fires from.


Callandor fires large but slow moving plasma balls that hit hard. Callandor is excellent at surpressing choke points, especially in games with a high volume of players.


Mjölnir fires short distance rocket propelled grenade. The grenade will bounce off asteroids and explode on impact with an enemy or after traveling its max distance.

New utility: Repair Zone

The repair zone utility, when activated, creates a small area that heals the player and all allies over time. If an enemy uses one, a well placed grendade will force them to leave and miss out on healing.

New map: Purgatory

Purgatory starts the players off side by side, with only a wall of asteroids separating them. Purgatory is a two Gem map, and features walls with gaps just wide enough for ships using the Tiny Ship augmentation to slip through.

Looking forward

Up next in our pipeline is a global leaderboard for either the day, week, or month (we haven't decided just yet.) Players will be able to use their social media account to log in, and their stats will be tracked for the leaderboard, and for future acheivements! We also have a small facelift coming to unify our hud more, with regard to the current player loadout.